Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Excited will be an understatement

I really dont remember the day of the week and the time when Malgudi Days used to be aired on National TV. All I remember was I always watched Swamy and his friends with a lot of fascination and would wait the entire week for the show. That was the magic of R.K Narayan on whose book the series was based. Ordinary stories about everyday people in everyday settings is what RKN wrote about. But his characters and stories never failed to evoke thoughts in the reader. It never failed to touch. Probably because of the simplicity of the characters. Or may be because of the profundity of the ideas that his stories expressed.

RKN's works have touched the lives of many around the world. I have been a great admirer of his work. And in my wildest of dreams also I had never thought that I would be so fortunate as to have my painting as a book cover of an RKN collection of stories. I am deeply humbled. I got my copy of the book from the publisher today and I was still in disbelief, though only about a month back I had done this painting and sent it to them.

Here is the book available on flipkart.

I could not have got a better gift at the start of my new year. Thank you Universe.