Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tractor - II

Here is Tractor - II. Trying to capture that haze again. But this time its just not there. Was too conscious of everything when I went ahead with the painting and was not really painting from heart. I was painting from my mind. But anyway I thought I'll share the entire series with you all, even if I dont like it. And also the sketches that preceded it. Hope you enjoy the process at least. :)

Tractor - II
11 x 15 inch

WC sketch

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tractor - I

Last December when I was in Odisha it was very chilly. There was a haze in the air throughout the day. Sun rays were finding it difficult to pass through the haze. The light would be kind of a diffused light even at noon time. It was neither sunny nor misty. It was a kind of a confused mood with the mixture of two opposing characteristics of nature. My attempt in this is to catch that haze (but not mist). Its going to take some trials. And at the end only I'll know whether I was able to get that confused mood clearly on paper. So lets see how it turns out. This is the first painting in that journey. Have a great week ahead.

Tractor - I
15 x 22 inch

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am throwing away my paintings

Yes, you read the title right. I am throwing away my paintings. Not literally of course. :)

In fact I am giving them away at throw-away prices. Of course you'll not believe until you see it for yourself. Please click here to see all the  paintings available for sale. To see the painting in large size click on its thumbnail. When you see the painting in large size you will also see all other information like size and price etc below the painting.

In case you decide to buy a painting all you have to do is drop me a mail at In the mail please do not forget to mention the name of the painting you are interested in. :)

By the way this THROW-AWAY SALE will not be for long. So do let me know as soon as possible.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


A real life picture of this scene was posted as a challenge in our sketching group web-site here. And I was immediately excited to paint it. But when I got ready to attempt it I was lost. It was a night scene with figures. I had never done a night scene before in WC and figures are always scary for me. But somehow it came through in the end and I liked it. 

This is a scene of 'Aarti' that happens in Varansi on the bank of Ganga everyday. More on that is here.

22 x 15 inch

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Koti Teertha

Hi there. This painting is a new effort from my side. My approach was quiet different in this painting. Generally I paint the 'scene' and then place 'people' in it. But here I thought the scene was the activity on the water front. Hence I painted people first and then painted the scene around it. The scene was kept as simple as possible so as to draw attention to the people.

In my last post Jona asked me how do I get light in my paintings. I'll try to answer that here.

1. I first try to fix the type of light for a painting. It could be soft, harsh or something between soft and harsh.
2. Feel of light comes from the shadow areas painted around it. I try to keep the shadow areas large so that the impact is more.
3. The contrast and edge (soft/broken/hard) of the shadow will define the type of light.
4. The colors in the shadow (warm/cool) will contribute to the over all mood of the painting too.

So before starting a painting using small sketches one can work these things out. Then you can paint more freely and confidently. I hope this is of help.

Koti Teertha (Gokarna - VII)
11 x 15 inch

Friday, February 1, 2013

Let myself loose... finally

The paintings that I have made so far this year have been done in as many as ten to twelve sittings because of my back pain. I have painted for not more than fifteen minutes in a stretch which is not the way I paint. I guess thats why they were a little stiff and I was not really happy about it. Finally for this one I took three sittings as there was not much of drawing to be done and the composition was simple. I also did not do any initial study for this. Just wanted to paint spontaneously and loose. And I am happy with the way I painted. I guess the outcome is also not bad.

Have a happy weekend everyone. :)

Lunch @ Om beach (Gokarna - VI)
22 x 15 inch

p.s. With a new treatment that I have started back seems to be getting better.