Friday, August 30, 2013

Mixed Feelings

This painting is 'inspired' from Trinity circle, Bangalore. I say inspired because I have changed the shape of the church, I have changed the archway at the entrance into two pillars. And I have removed all the trees that cover most part of the church. I first did a painting which was close to the original place. But I really did not like it and changed it to something very different. So I say inspired. :)

In Bangalore the weather is some what like English weather for half the year. It can rain anytime and then in no time you can have clear skies. I have tried to capture that transient time here. There are two different moods in the painting. One in the background and one in the foreground. Thats why I call it mixed feelings. :)

Anyway I hope all of you are keeping well and have a great weekend.

Mixed Feelings
22 x 15 inch


hmuxo said...

Inspiration is all we need, Prabal!
It's wonderful when we can change things around to how WE like it!
This is so beautifully painted..!! Love this piece.

Nancy Goldman said...

This has a wonderful sense of atmosphere. It's very beautiful Prabal.