Tuesday, August 25, 2009


abandoned carThis is a story book illustration kind of painting I did sometime back from a photo. The colour of the car was a shade of blue. I changed it to brown for 2 reasons. First a brown color would give it a better rusted feel. Second the warm color will stand out when placed against mostly cool greens.

The best part for me in the painting was the wheel, which I did quiet spontaneously with minimal brushwork. My dream is to be able to do an entire painting in a similar manner. Minimal brush strokes and spontaneity.


SN said...


workhard said...

I just love it.. what medium did u use???

yeah the rusted colored stands out from the green... its complimentary..

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Prabal said...

Workhard, Your comments for all my paintings till now are highly appreciated. I have used water colours for this painting. Camlin artist quality set. And answer to your previous question about whether I have taken any professional course, is negative.

workhard said...


I have always been scared to use water colors..

I will start trying those..