Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goa Series V - Chilling at Baga Creek

chilling at Baga creek - watercolorThis is a section of a shack/restaurant at Baga Creek. Baga beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa (Northern part of Goa). Just besides it there is a less crowded and more peaceful place, the Baga creek. This view is from Baga beach.


Gold Finch said...

Hello Prabal
I think you have captured the trees very well, I have never been to Goa it is on my list of places to visit some day.

Anonymous said...


wahan pe chaataa aur beach chairs kahan se aa gaye !


Prabal said...

Gold Finch,
Thanks for liking the trees. Goa is an amazing place. You must visit.

There were many more chairs and umbrellas. I had to remove some of them in the painting to make it less crowded. See this.

Arti said...

Nice painting, India' its diffcult to find a place which is beautiful and NOT crowded!

pc said...

You've used the masking fluid well to leave out the highlights.
This is a far better composition than the reference itself.
Liked the rocks at the bottom too

Prabal said...

You are correct. But people say South Goa is less crowded than north Goa. So I'll go to South Goa next time.

Masking fluid was heavily used in this. Especially in the coconut fronds.

(^_^) said...

Forgive my English. I love the sea and your paintings are fantastic. If you are in Sardinia, you will find equally beautiful places to paint. Oh how far we are!!
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