Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some sketches again

Some pages from my sketchbook.....

Evening Landscape

Kitchen still life

Coconut fronds

Lets talk


Sujit Sudhi said...

Lovely. May favourites are "Kitchen Still Life" and "Lets Talk". The reflections in "Kichen Still Life" are fabulous. Absolutely beautiful work.

Crystal Cook said...

Like Sujit said, your reflections are really perfect!! But I think my favorite is the top one, I love those fluid colors! It's fun to peek into your sketchbook.

Art with Liz said...

Gosh Prabal, these are so different and show such a versatile side to you. Wonderful sketches and, as always, great watercolour work.

gugun said...

I like the title of the last one. Also, the detail design on the chair back .. and the wobbly legs too :)

Prabal said...

Thanks man.. Those sketches that you liked were just happened. I was sitting idle, just grabbed pen and pencil and they happened.

The one you liked is complete 'play'. I was just playing with colors. It looked like something. Then gave finishing touches and thats it. :)

Prabal said...

You are always so kind..

Thanks for noticing the title of the last post.. Actually it was done last Sunday when I was having a really bad hangover..

Sadia said...

"Kitchen still life" is just great Prabal! Very very nicely done!
The lights and shadows are excellent!