Monday, October 4, 2010

5 down memories

This post by my wanderer friend talks about his childhood days. But it also brought back many childhood memories of mine. There is something about small nondescript railway stations in India which becomes an integral part of the lives of people around it. To sit and spend some time in such stations is an experience that is addictive.

In this painting I was trying to paint memories. Though it is single person's memory it is no different from the memories of so many of us.

Title - 5 down memories
Size - 11 x 15 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper
Photo - Satyesh Naik


gugun said...

lovely pic .. really beautiful !! totally fluid watercolour mode aa gayaa .. perfect depiction of ppl, track, shadows on pillars .. the whole thing ..

sad, but I think rural, un-crowded railway stations are more a thing of the past now ..

Sandra Busby said...

This is a really well composed painting Prabal. The three people bring life to the painting and I like that there is a story behind it too :0)

pc said...

lovely sepia tones.
surely runs me down the memory lane and for most of us coming from small towns..
sahi hai !

Prabal said...

Mode nahi mood and a lot of luck..

Waise there are still a lot of stations like this. It only gets crowded when a local train is supposed to arrive.

Prabal said...

Those three people are part of the story. Dad Mom and the little 4-5 year old kid. I was trying to show how Dad is trying to show the kid what lies ahead of him in life and guide him too. Mom is playing a supporting role. :)

I took Sepia to get that bygone time feel. :) And you are correct it is a scene that so many of us would identify with. Thanks to Satyesh for bring back those memories.

Art with Liz said...

Railway stations are marvellous places to paint and you have those memories to add to the feeling of this great watercolour!

Crystal Cook said...

It really looks awesome Prabal. I love the subtle color cheme you've used and the composition is rockin. Very cool work. :)

V. Deshmukh said...

Hi Prabal,
Lovely painting. You have nicely created the evening mood in this one. The academy does not have a website and because of that its not easy to get the info. But, the next time when i get the prospectus, i will get it scanned and put it up on my blog for everyone to make use of. Its a nice opportunity and I really feel everyone should make use of it.

Prabal said...

Actually before this painting I had no idea that railway stations are actually awesome to paint. I wish to do some more such scenes. For that I need to go around and take some pictures.

Thanks for your appreciation. I wish I had won the portrait competeition. :)