Saturday, January 8, 2011


Title - Nestled
Medium - Watercolor on paper
Size - 14.5 x 20.5 inch

I dont remember where but I had read something like this somewhere told by some great person.
"Each day I dont practice I take a step back".

That is exactly how I feel. I picked up my brushes after a gap of 15 odd days and I was feeling that I just dont know how to paint. My hands were freezing. Strokes were just not confident enough and I was doing all the mistakes all over again.

That means I need to restart all over again. Practice, work hard and just be patient. I think any sort of art form has this magical quality to teach you to be patient.

Anyway here is the painting that I made. While on Goan roads I came across this beautiful house nestled among thick foliage. And immediately I saw a painting. And here is that.


Gold Finch said...

Prabal, even though you say you have rested for 15 days the painting of the cottage works for me. Well done.

SKIZO said...


Susan Roux said...

VEry nice feeling! I love the warm tones, colors and composition.

AK said...

Not many people notice this facet of Goa : those quaint cottages nestled in greenery... fabulous work.

Carol Blackburn said...

It is a wonderful painting, Prabal and I know exactly what you mean about painting again after some time away. I tried an acrylic after concentrating on water color and I had forgotten how to use the paint. It had to be relearned but I got it eventually. I have not been painting as much as I should and it is hurting me. Too much work to do and I've been exhausted lately. Perhaps I can try again next week when I have 3 days off
from work.

yasha said...

This painting has a lovely feel to it.Simply love it.

Crystal Cook said...

Prabal it is simply gorgeous! I think it looks very confidently done. I never would have guessed that you felt the way you described from looking at your painting. Seriously. I like it a lot. :) I was wondering where you had gone.

Prabal said...

Gold Finch,
Thank you. I am really happy that you liked it.

SKIZO and Susan,
Thank you very much.

Prabal said...

AK sir,
Ditto.. "those quaint cottages nestled in greenery". You nailed it.

I am sure most of us keep going through this feeling..And the relearning is always mental. And do take out some time and paint. How else are you going to stay young?? :)

Prabal said...

Thanks Yasha.

I had been to my home town for a vacation with my parents and sisters a little after my Goa trip. And there I was switched off from the internet completely.
Coming back to this one, well may be its not so evident in the final painting but the process of doing the painting was rusty. I really was not in the groove. And it will take some paintings and sketches to get back there.. :)

Art with Liz said...

This is superb Prabal! Maybe you should take more 15 day breaks if you paint like this!

Did you watch the 20/20 match this evening from Durban? Fun huh!

_Frankb10 said...

Oh Prabal, this is gorgeous!The way you have played with light and shade along with such beautiful colour work and the lovely washes for the foliage, is marvelous. Very well done.

Sandra Busby said...

You are so right! The first painting I did after a long break over Christmas - I looked at the blank piece of paper in absolute fear! I really felt as though I had forgotten how to start!
It doesn't look like you had any trouble at all - It's perfect!

Prabal said...

I watched the match. It was a complete entertainer. That guy Van Wyk almost did it for SA. And it was great to see Ntini after a long time and for the last time too.
And yes. Thank you for your lovely comment.

Prabal said...

I am glad you liked it.

Exactly.. Its the same fear.. It just does not go away. :)
Anyway thanks for the appreciation.

Pat said...

Beautiful painting.
Your feelings tell how much you invest in your work - and that quality shows. The painting is gorgeous xx

V. Deshmukh said...

This is beautiful man! Absolutely outstanding. The colours are amazing!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

I think you went at it with a vengeance. I love your intense colors. This is beautiful!

Ramesh Jhawar said...

I don't agree with you! This one is just fantastic :)

Liana Yarckin said...

Gorgeous color palette here and the previous 3 posts. I think you found your niche - architecture and palms!

Prabal said...

Oh Pat,
I actually give whatever time I have for myself to my art. Thank for liking my painting.

Vinayak, Ramesh,
Thanks friends.

Prabal said...

'Vengence'!!! LOL. I am glad you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by. You have made a good point. I like painting cottages and palms. But I think after you pointed out I feel I should do something different may be. :)

hmuxo said...

Love the strong colors! Beautiful painting.

Anudeepa Kadiresan said...

it's beautiful,I love the colors Prabal.