Friday, August 20, 2010

Trying is worth trying

Odissi dance at Mukteswar
Sometimes when I attempt something new it generally is not a very successful venture. But I find it a really good exercise to keep trying something new. It works as a good feedback mechanism and there is also that chance of stumbling upon something that I am completely unaware of.

So I guess trying is always worth trying. :)


Carol Blackburn said...

Prabal, you've captured their movements beautifully. Very nice!

AK said...

Hi Prabal, this has a nice loose unfinished look.

irinasztukowski said...

Gorgeous! Fresh! and very dynamic. I love the skin color of their hands and fluid clothing that is dancing with the ladies.
Thank you,

Art with Liz said...

The only thing that is new for you is the composition right? And you have totally succeeded with this. Lovely soft colours, beautiful fresh lines and a magnificent composition.

Crystal Cook said...

Really awesome work Prabal! I love the gesture in the figures, that's confidence showing in your work. Very well done!

Prabal said...

Thank you friends for being so encouraging. It does help.

AK sir,
I was aiming for even looser finish and wanted the colors to merge more and create movement.

Prabal said...

First of all thank you for the beautiful comment.

Not only the composition, but the entire approach towards painting this was supposed to be more spontaneous, loose and suggestive which did not happen to the degree I would have like it to happen. :)

For example the lines on the stone structures in the background have been actually done by 'etching' on wet paper with the back tip of a brush. When I came to the figures I became more 'careful' and that did not work so much in favor of the approach.

Prabal said...

Carol, irina and Crystal,
Thanks ppl. I am glad you like it.

Liana Yarckin said...

Prabal, you are brave to paint these beautiful women. I like your composition and the shapes of the figures are great.