Monday, August 2, 2010


Some times it just does not happen. And then you try too hard and things become worse. What is in your mind just does not come out on paper. But then I can only keep trying. And trying is what I'll keep doing.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Prabal, I saw your blog mentioned on Crystal Cook's blog and thought I'd stop in for a peek at your work. I hope you are not considering this piece to be a failure because it is beautifully done. So nice to meet you today. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Enjoy your day!

Michelle said...

Hi Prabal - This painting is certainly not a failure. It's quite nice. We learn through failure so long as we persist in trying, so it's not always a bad thing.

Liana Yarckin said...

One man's trash, is another's treasure. Prabal before I saw your title I thought how beautiful the sunlight shines onthe house and how great the background is. As always, you pick very interesting points of view, too. I love how we are down low looking at this great house in the sunlight and this couple on the bench enjoying their time. The negative painting in the foreground is great, too!

Crystal Cook said...

Failure, how dare you say that word! Not true Prabal.

Here are the things I found very well done with this painting.

1. CONFIDENT (that's right, I said confident) brushwork. Very expressive line work too, it's one of your signatures and I love it.

2. Strong values throughout this painting, nothing wishy washy here.

3. Beautiful flowing and merging colors. I particularly like the colors in the shadow under the roof (the eave? I think that's called, I don't know, but I like it)

There's more of course, but these are the first things that struck me. You've done great work here.

And yes, try again is the name of the game.

mau said...

really amazing wrk done...but y u named it as failure??/i didnt get that??can u explain me???

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Prabal, I know how it could be! I may not be satisfied sometimes when I compare my painting with the reference. But when looked at separately, the painting has its own charm and people are going to like it anyway!

Prabal said...

Thank you so very much for the encouragement. You all are great friends.

But the fact is that I had made a different tonal composition which did not come through in the painting as a result it became flat.

And why I thought of sharing it here is that my diary should not only contain the goody goody stuff. It should also have other parts of my journey which are not so good. :)

Prabal said...

Hi Carol,
Nice meeting you too.

Ditto. Its the failures which make us better as long as we keep learning and keep trying.

Liana and Crystal,
You guys were able to see so many good things in the painting!!! Thanks a lot guys.

I wanted some reflected light from the orange of the roof, eave whatever to be there in the shadow. That is another thing that could have been executed better though.

Prabal said...

As I said the tonal composition that I had made did not come through. By the way I loved those mouth watering dishes in your blog. :)

Yes.. exactly (as I have already explained) that is what happened. But the good thing is that at least now I am not tearing my paintings off as before. :)

Kathy said...

Prabel...we all like the painting, so you must be wrong. lol. Like Ramesh said, we do not know what the photo looked like. We are not comparing that. But my friend, if you do not like it, then I say to you...make the changes on this one or redo it. I will admit that I have done paintings over because I just didn't make it the way I would have liked it to turn out.. This is all part of the learning process.

Sandra said...

Well I have tried to see what it is that you don't like about it, but I just can't at all! I really, really like it! I love the stone wall, the beautiful teracotta colour on the roof tiles and the background trees too. I would be delighted if I had painted this Prabal!

Prabal said...

I think I'll take your idea and redo it. Lets see how that will come out. And I liked the new name you gave me.. Prabel. :)

You would have done a great job had you painted this. Well after you guys have said so many good words I actually dont feel bad about this one now. Thank you all.

Kathy said...

The one that I am working on now may be a do over. lol I had to stop it last night since I had to get up early today for a workshop. I hate having to stop in midstream. So I will make all of my mistakes on this one and then redo it. First I make a list of what I like and what I don't and then go from there. It happens...PRABEL ,,,lol

Arti said...

Like everyone has said before, I found nothing 'wrong' in this painting.It looks quite beautiful and happy!I like the patches of light over the stoned wall and shrubs in front, the light falling on the bench, the shdaes under the fact the whole scene is enchanting.Don't you dare to tear it up ! :D

M R Anand said...

I like the bold background behind the house. the foliage is exquisite. like the texture on the foreground. I love the end result Prabal.

Sadia said...

It is nice to be back and more so to catch up on all your beautiful paintings I missed out on!
There may be technical flaws in this one but the colors are just gorgeous Prabal! Literally lifts one's spirit!

Prabal said...

Hope I was as organized as you are.

I have stopped tearing my painting away. Any they used to happen while I would be painting..:)

Sparrowhawk and Sadia,
I am happy you liked it. :)

irinasztukowski said...

Here is an idea. If you don't like this one; why don't you cut it in pieces and make collages for coasters, magnets, abstract cards. Or, donate it to a closest kindergarten. Or, try to paint the same seen again. I see the good painting: the bench, the stairs, the lights and shadows. Nothing to fail. I actually like this art piece in whole. Why don't you give yourself a chance?
Thank you,

Prabal said...

Thanks Irina for the suggestions. I am going to redo this..