Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A farmer's life

Title - A Farmer's life
Size - 22 x 15
Medium - Watercolor on paper
Photo courtesy - Satyesh Naik

Sharing a song for you. I came across this song just a couple of days back. I do not understand the language (There are about 30 odd languages in India. I know only 3 languages). But the feel of the song is very melancholic and I just loved it. Later I found out that it is about a farmer in debt. And hence sharing it here.
Patras Karan Ki..


Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, this has lovely depth perspective, and the tree is beautiful.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This Amazing Works
Good creations
See you soon

Crystal Cook said...

I LOVE this Prabal! There is something sort of melancholic about it, which I guess makes sense according to your song pick. :) I love those lost edges you've got in the wagon, they are VERY happy making. That's something I'm trying to do more of in my work and I am realizing that it takes a great deal of boldness and planning for watercolor so I think you're pretty dang awesome for doing it so well.

And 30 languages?!! Holy moly that's a lot. And you only know three, you slacker you. ;) (kidding)

yasha said...

Beautiful painting and equally beautiful is the song.I think its a marathi song..(just a guess)

Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful, Prabal. Tells a story with a simplicty to it. :)

_Frankb10 said...

Great painting Prabal. I like the negative shapes in the wheel and that tree is incredible!

Kathy said...

Very lovely Prabal...I like the softness og it and the play of light. Great shadows, tree and wagon. Well done my friend:)

Pat said...

Beautiful painting.
From the muted colours in the mountain, which give a feeling of depth and perspective, to the light and dark and the lost edges on the cart; that wonderful tree which stands as guardian to the beautiful play of light and shadow in the foreground... everything says maestro at work. And you are.. xx

Sandra Busby said...

This has a lovely, unfussy feel, just like the last one. I love the subject, the freshness and the mood of this painting. And best of all I love seeing your surroundings (which I have never seen) through your own eyes :0)

hmuxo said...

Another wonderful painting, Prabal. Your tree is painted beautifully.

Prabal said...

Kathryn, SKIZO,
Thank you for your appreciation.

Actually more than 30 languages and then each one has 2-3 variations. Actually I am a slacker. People know more than 3 languages here. :)

Prabal said...

Yes it is Marathi. :)

Carol, Frank, Yasha, kathy,
I am glad you liked this one.

Wow. That was great summary of the painting. Actually when paintings I really dont think about so many things.. :)

Prabal said...

Thank you so much for you are able to see my country through my paintings. :)

As always thank you so much for your comments. :)

irinasztukowski said...

Hi Prabal,
I liked how you placed the most volume from upper left down to the lower right. And the wheel of the cart is taking the main role.
I love the song. It was sad at the beginning but rose into a manifestation closer to the end.
Thank you for sharing,

Sadia said...

Prabal each time I visit I enjoy the theme and scenes you come up with. This is simply Beautiful!