Saturday, October 8, 2011

Work in progress

Title - Work in progress
Size - 14 x 21 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper

I really could not decide what these guys were doing. But assumed that they may be doing some work unlike me. So I decided to call this one 'Work in progress'. This is a completed work in progress. LOL. Have a great weekend friends.


Studio at the Farm said...

Great colors and shadows, Prabal. And I have no idea what they're doing either.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Lovely colors, great light and shadows and I like the way the silhouetted trees have been painted. Good job, Prabal!

Lydie said...

I love your title, good choice ! and good job ;)

Pat said...

Lovely piece of work. Great shadows and very intriguing. I wonder if they were collecting chestnuts fallen from the trees?

Sandra Busby said...

Loving the subject Prabal - and the foreground texture is wonderful :0)

Crystal Cook said...

LOL! Love it Prabal! The colors in the background really make it sing for me. Along with your always seemingly effortless brushwork. Seriously how long does one of these usually take you? Direct painting and then time spent planning?

But. . . now I'm REALLY curious about what those guys are doing???

irinasztukowski said...

When I saw these guys I thought they are playing some kind of game or figuring out the positions (like in Rugby or American Football).. We were just traveling to Washington DC couple of weeks ago and saw a few kids playing Harry Potter games..
But who knows, maybe your are right this is Work In Progress and these guys are playing the game called Hard Work..
Thank you,

M R Anand said...

The colours of purple used for the shadows and the trees blends so beautifully with the foreground green! It was nice to meet you at Nandi hills..looking forward to seeing you paint

Prabal said...

Kathryn, Ramesh, Lydie,
I am glad you enjoyed this one and thank you for leaving a comment for me.

Prabal said...

If they wer collecting chestnuts, then I would have been one of them :)

I used some salt in the foreground for that texture.

Prabal said...

Usually (not always but most of the times) I do sketches, studies and leave it. Then ideas keep forming in my head about it. So the planning keeps happening in the background and can take a lot of time.. It can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 5 days. But during the painting a lot of plans get modified and changed too (You know watercolor is always the master :)). So sometimes I wonder if that much idea formation was actually necessary. And the actual painting process takes anywhere between one hour to 3 hours for a half imperial sheet.

By the way if you find out what they are doing do let me know. :)

Prabal said...

Those kids were playing Quidditch??? LOL. Anyway as you said they may be playing a game called hard work which I probably have never played in my life. :)

Anand sir,
It was nice meeting you too. I'll see you at the next jam.

hmuxo said...

These colors are so beautiful...wonderful shadows and yes, I'm looking close to see what they are up to! Planting or looking for something?

Prabal said...

Thanks Hilda.. And yes do let me know if you find out. If they are looking for a lost ear ring I can join them in. :)

Coni said...

I love this picture and everyone else too. they're very colorful :)