Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi there.. This is the fourth painting of my Chikmagalur series. When I started I thought this was going to be a rather simple painting. Very easy. Yes thats what I thought. And I started complicating it. I was in no time brought back to my senses by this medium called watercolor. 

Beauty of this medium is that nothing is easy, but everything can me made simple. :)

In my last painting I liked the central part and thought that only that could have also made a painting. So I made another painting, but changed the mood.

Have you done something like this before? Same painting or part of a painting painted differently. The hangover of the first painting was so strong that I just can not appreciate the new one. How have you felt?

Chikmagalur series - IV
22 x 15 inch

Last painting cropped  

New painting with different mood


Studio at the Farm said...

Love how you describe watercolor - nothing is easy, but it can be simple. :)
For some reason, I like the darker, mistier version of the two. Maybe because I am trying to paint a foggy landscape???
Beautiful works as always, Prabal, my philosopher friend. XX

Sandra Busby said...

No, I haven't Prabal, but it's a great idea! And this is another gorgeous painting in the series :0)

Crystal Cook said...

'Brought to your senses by this medium called watercolor' HA!! SO TRUE!! This is the most humbling medium for any artist. I've felt the same many times. I love this series Prabal. And the first painting I think is my favorite. Probably because of the colors. :)

Kasturi said...

these are beautiful prabal!!!Feel like transporting myself to that place!