Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hampi series continues

I have to blame it on Facebook. It is so much easier. It makes me lazy to come here and post. But I am not giving up. Though not as frequent as earlier, I have made it a point to come and post here. So many of my friends are not on FB and also many of my artist friends do not post on FB. So I am not going to miss out on the art work here for sure. :)

So my Hampi series continues and these are the next three in the water series. I guess I'll put a full stop to the water series and move on to something else. Till then I hope you enjoy these.

Elements of Hampi Series: Water - IV
10x14 inch

Elements of Hampi Series: Water - III
21x14 inch

Elements of Hampi Series: Water - II
14x21 inch


Sandra Busby said...

I'm so glad you posted here too Prabal because though I do go on Facebook, unless it's reasonably high up on the scroll, I would probably miss it!
My Dad asked me the other day why I am getting less comments on my blog recently and I told him, it's because so many people comment on Facebook instead. But he's not on Facebook so doesn't get to see the comments this way and he loves to read them. So i promised that from now on, I would post on my blog a few days BEFORE Facebook. Its hard to juggle it all isn't it?
These paintings are beautiful!! all of them are outstanding, but I particularly love the middle one... That water looks like I could dive right in. Stunning! :0)

Studio at the Farm said...

It is such an easy "quick fix" on facebook. I have been very remiss about posting here, too, and will amend that.
Your Hampi series is wonderful! I especially love how you rendered the water and the reflections in the second painting. Beautiful work, Prabal!!!
See you HERE soon! :)