Friday, March 28, 2014

Memories from Ramnagar

Two months back I went for a sketching day to Ramnagar (about 60 kms from Bangalore) with two of my sketching buddies. We spent the entire day travelling, sketching and enjoying the beauty of rural India. The divided sheet is one of the things I brought back from Ramnagar. It is fun to paint on a divided sheet.

Later I decided to do a big one for one of them, which is posted here. I am going for a 3 day sketching trip to Mysore, which is a heritage city. I hope to soak myself in the beauty of Mysore and hopefully bring back something worthwhile from there too.

Wish you all a very happy weekend.

Smoky Morning at Ramnagar
18 x 24 inch


hmuxo said...

Smoky morning in Ramnager is absolutely beautiful, Prabal!!!
Your watercolors "never" disappoint us!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

I so admire your plein air ability, Prabal! Have a wonderful time in Mysore - I look forward to your works!!!

Sandra Busby said...

What a lovely selection on show Prabal! I wish I enjoyed plein Air painting... but unfortunately I don't like painting in the sun or the cold! So I remain sheltered in my studio! :0)